Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend provides you with a custom referral link that you can share with friends and family. When the link is shared and the referred user signs up and pays their invoice, the referrer will receive 30 free subscription days.

See here: From here, you can access your custom referral link and have a handy invite feature to send the referral link to your friends and family right from Toveedo. You can also see a history and status of their referrals.


How does the referral link work?

The referral link includes a user-specific variable in the URL that stores a cookie in the browser for whoever clicks the link. If the user signs up within 30 days of the cookie being stored, the referral will be successfully linked.

When are the 30 free days added to an account?

The reward will be added 30 days after the first paid invoice. For example, if Yankel referred his friend Eli and Eli signed up for a subscription, Yankel would receive his reward 30 days after Eli paid his first invoice.

Can anyone use Refer a Friend to refer users?

To access the Refer a Friend feature and share the referral, a user must have an active subscription to receive 30 day rewards.

I referred a friend but it doesn't show up. Why?

Refer a Friend works via a stored cookie. So if the user doesn't sign up via the link, the referral connection cannot be made. An example would be a user clicks a referral link on their phone, doesn't sign up, but later creates an account on their laptop without clicking the referral link. Toveedo has no way of linking this user since the cookie was never stored on their laptop, only on their phone.