I was honestly so hesitant about spending the money on your app especially now when we have no income coming in at all… but it has truly been a lifesaver for me with my 5 kids at home! B”H! Thank you so much! I have even recommended this to others :) 

Chaya R

It’s been so amazing that when my ‘big kids’ want to watch something, there are kosher cool options on your site! I can now let them have ‘movie night; guilt free :) thank you!! (not to mention all the content you keep adding that they secretly watch too! ) 

- Sara K

Staying at an Airbnb with smart TV’s. Never used a Smart TV before and now Toveedo is available on smart tv. This is a GAMECHANGER! Kids are able to watch agent emes and torah town on a big screen all together making the trip extra exciting! Thank you Toveedo! 

- Devorah S

One of the best investments I made. Parents asked us to buy something for the kids and this was what I got first.

-Lauren M

Hey just wanted to say a huge Thank you for such an amazing app!!! Yesterday we traveled to our holiday/ vacation which was supposed to be a 4 hour drive. We ended up breaking down after 1.5 hours which delayed our journey an extra 4.5 hours… BH for Toveedo, my kids were busy and it made it so much less stressful for us!!! Best purchase 2020 that’s for sure!! 

-Chavi H

So worth every penny! My kids ages 3-15 are enjoying! 

- Baila L.

Not sure what we would do without toveedo!! So grateful that my kids are able to watch videos to relax after school and that the videos are all about torah! Thank you so much and please keep it coming! We love seeing what’s in the “New” section. 

- Libby W

I wanted to share with you how much our 5 year old daughter k”h LOVES Toveedo!! Our fridays now have on the schedule watching mitzvah blvd shabbos after she’s bathed and dressed for shabbos, and she recently started inviting the neighbors kids to sit and watch with her! I’ll never get over how sweet it is to hear them shout out their favorite things about shabbos, or sing along to the sons. Thanks for all your wonderful content!! Good Shabbos!

-Esther D