Toveedo - Filtered

Step #1: Email and ask to be switched to the Filtered Plan.

Step #2: We will switch your plan and delete your credit card information on file. 

This will make the restricted videos not part of your plan and will require a user to enter credit card information to watch them. Since your credit card will no longer be on file the only way your child can watch a restricted video is by entering a credit card and since we deleted your card from being on file they should hit a dead end.

Please note, this isn’t a subscription based plan which means at the end of the year you will need to reenter your credit card information and sign up again.

Q: What happens if my card is on auto-save on my web browser or phone and my kids manage to pay again and get access?

A: We will refund you for 100% of the invoice

Q: What if we signed up via the app (in app purchase)?

A: You will need to log out of the app via the app store and log in with the login page on the app

If you are not a current subscriber and would like to sign up to this plan you can do so here. Purchase the Filtered plan here.