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Dear Subscribers,

Please read until the end for important login information.

Welcome to Toveedo

Yes! You’ve read that right! We have completely rebranded! Why? Because Torah Treasure has grown and expanded to a completely new level! We are no longer solely producing your favorite children’s DVDs; we at Toveedo, have created a magical space for kids of every age to enjoy! We have not only included our very own DVDs but we now have an amazing plethora of other high quality Jewish videos online as well.

With the launch of our new site and name, we offer new features and APPs! Toveedo is FASTER and more efficient than ever before. 

We’ve also added 2 exclusive NEW videos today just for you, so when you open up the new UPDATED APP, your kids will be delighted to discover exciting new videos! 

We have worked really hard to bring you this outstanding product and we can’t thank you enough for standing by us through all of this! 

Your Plan includes:
     - Available on Apple/iOS, Android
     - NEW! Available now on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV and Google Chrome cast!
More than 50 full length videos
     - Up to 3 devices simultaneously
     - Unlimited Streams
     - Download videos straight to your device


You will now need to 
reset your password. Please see below for password reset instructions. 

Using you User ID, follow instructions to reset your password.

Important: If you also use the APP to watch videos please do the following.

You will need to update our TOVEEDO app from your app store. For now you can search Torah Treasure in the app store. Android update coming soon iyh) 


If you subscribed to Toveedo via Apple, please see the 2 steps below to "restore purchase" to your subscription. (please dont pay again if prompted)

Step 1 - Restore purchase
1) Install the latest version of Toveedo from the App Store
2) Click on any video
3) Press “watch now” on the video
4) Click “subscribe”
5) Scroll down and click “restore purchase“

Step 2 - If you would like to use your account any place else besides on an Apple device (for example the website or smart TV apps like Roku etc.) you need to successfully “sign in”.
1) Go to settings and click “login“. Then sign into your account. (If you have trouble logging in and it says wrong email or password you can try to reset your password.)
2) If you still have trouble signing, you can try to create a new account. (Use your same email address from your iTunes account to sign up)

See here for step by step video

    For any questions please feel free to reach out.

    The Toveedo Team